Inspirations: Tip #1

"Sugar Mountain Twilight" Jackie Alere, 2010

I don’t know about you, but (almost) every morning I walk into the studio with an idea, or inspiration for what my hands are going to create that day.  Lately, while I wait for my paints to heat up, I get on my laptop and try to tease out the idea with a little visual stimulation–naturally this has its pluses and minuses.  I sometimes get completely off track and end up getting lost in the cyber world.  Today was no exception, however a blessing came through my …um…distraction.

I stumbled on a blog that I had not seen before, and I got a great inspiration tip from one of the posts.  Martha Marshall, a gifted fine artist over at An Artist’s Journal, wrote a post earlier this month on abstract landscapes.  She made great use of Photoshop by layering photo images she had saved up, and then passing them through the watercolor filter to create a digital image that could serve as an inspiration for an abstract landscape on canvas.  Read the whole post here.

Imagine the possibilities (not to mention savings) of simply creating a digital “rough draft” before beginning a new piece, or series.

So tell me, do you create rough drafts? If so, what is your favorite method of roughing a piece of work?


2 responses to “Inspirations: Tip #1

  1. Thank you so much Jackie! I am flattered to be featured on your blog. Be careful – doing rough drafts or studies on the computer can become a serious addiction! But seriously, it’s really helped me to find inspiration at times when I don’t know quite how to proceed. Edits are instantaneous, and therefore the possibilities are literally endless.

    Best to you,

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